Angel Network

The Lincoln Angel Network is run by Amanda Hemberger, Guidance Counselor, and myself to meet the needs of students and families going through a difficult time, whether it be job loss, illness, death, divorce, etc. In the beginning of each school year we send out requests to have parents that are willing and able to help support the cause to sign up as a donor. When we have a need that arises during the school year, I will reach to the donor parents to take care of the need immediately, such as sneakers, food, clothing, backpacks.

At Thanksgiving we collect pantry food items that we use to create food baskets for families.  At Christmas we fulfill gift requests for students and their siblings.

We also have great support from a few organizations within Emmaus as well as teachers that help donate to the families in need.

All of the interactions between the Guidance counselor to myself and the parent donors is completely anonymous. An email communication goes out to the donor families with the needed item in size and gender. That item is purchased by the donor family and delivered to the Lincoln main office to the attention of Amanda Hemberger. She then sees that the appropriate family receives the item/s.

On behalf of Amanda Hemberger and myself, I want to thank all the families that sign up and help donate to our Lincoln family. Your support is appreciated.

-Jamee Moyer


If you would like to donate, please feel free to contact me with the contact form below.

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